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Did you make your bed today?

Nov 29, 2020

I saw a post about making the bed in an online entrepreneurs group and couldn’t resist going back later to see the responses.

The majority were straightforward “Yes of course” type answers.

They emphasised the importance of feeling organized to start the day. For people working from home, having a neat space is essential for looking and feeling professional in attitude and location. 

For others a neat, tidy bed is part of good self-care.

There were lots of “messy bed, messy head” type comments.

“I’m not productive in an untidy space” came up frequently too.

But what I found more interesting were the people who belittled those who took a moment to make their bed.

They evidently felt the need to justify leaving their bed unmade at the same time as being cruel to others. Interesting huh?

Just for fun, I cross-referenced their names to see what else they posted about:

One lady said “If you don’t go to the bedroom during the day, why fix it? It’s extra work for nothing”

The first post I found from her was asking for help because her business was being ignored. She complained her potential clients had no money and treated her disrespectfully.

“I sometimes make it at night”

This man struggles with his weight and posts a lot about not being able to get a girlfriend.

“I haven’t made my bed in years”

Someone with a history of being made redundant every year or so.

“I never bother because the dog gets in anyway”

A lady who spends a lot of time sharing her self-esteem issues.

“I don’t have time”

A stay home wife whose husband had an affair.

“I leave it for the housekeeper”

A serial dater who meets amazing women who then leave him as soon as it starts to get serious.

OK, it was totally unscientific,

but not one of the ‘No’ brigade seemed to be living their best life…

Despite describing themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’ in a world where social media is king.

They were posting about their life experience publically in a way which suggested they definitely were not walking their walk!

Lots of responses quoted the inspirational Admiral Raven speech “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”. Here’s the condensed version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Pn0yXL9y8

I’m right there with the Admiral.

When I work with ‘Ready to Sell’ families I’ll always remind them; “Making the beds is your priority when you get the keys to your new place”. 

If you have somewhere safe and comfortable to curl up at the end of moving day, the exhausting and stress washes clean away.

With Interiors Therapy Clients I’ll recommend putting fresh bedding on the bed when we finish working in the room. 

The joy of slipping between fresh clean sheets in the inspiring new energy of an enlivened bedroom is very special.

So what’s your story? Do you make your bed each morning?