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David and his post-divorce home

Aug 18, 2021

David invited me to visit his post-divorce home.

The place was a jumble of mismatched furniture jam-packed into a much smaller space than it had been designed for;

I asked him about each item.

Disturbingly, most explanations began with “well my wife wanted that, so I kept it” or “it belonged to my wife’s grandmother”.

David believed he had achieved some form of revenge on his ex-wife by keeping things which were precious to her.

In fact, he was sending negativity to his brain each time he looked around his home and had surrounded himself with sour energy which impacted every part of his existence.

No wonder he hated it there.

David was living in a place of emotional and financial lack.

The marriage had ended despite his best efforts, and he was afraid to lose anything more.

Despite realizing the furniture he was keeping was preventing him from moving forward, he struggled to part with it.

Eventually, he gave his ex-wife the option to have the furniture and then disposed of the remaining trigger items. 

Only then was he able to move forward in a healthy way.

This is an extract from Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationship by Suzanne Roynon @PanomaPress