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Boost good vibes for property viewings

May 31, 2019

This article first featured in the Purplebricks blog

You’ve done it, you’ve made the decision to put your house on the market and suddenly it’s real. The Purplebricks Local Property Expert has visited, photographs are online and viewing requests are pinging into your inbox. But are you ready to invite visitors in? And more importantly, will they feel welcome when you do?

You’d be amazed how many houses are written off by potential purchasers because they “just don’t feel right”. Think back to a time when you walked into a room and even if it was empty, something about the space made you feel tense.

You might not know why, but you were ill at ease and wanted to leave. It is likely angry words, tension, grief or sadness had created an invisible cloud of negative energy you absorbed without realizing.

So, how can you make a buyer feel great as soon as they walk through your door?

When I work with ‘Ready to Sell’ clients I explain you need to start a little ahead of time by being clutter free and organized well before your first viewings. This way, even if they book at short notice, you are ready to open the door with a smile.

Two weeks ahead of viewings

Decluttering is more than a five minute job. Plan ahead and do it as soon as you decide to sell, ideally before your professional photos for your advert are taken. If it’s too late, you can still make an impact before viewings.

Getting organized takes a little thought, but once everything has a designated place in your home, life is infinitely simpler!  And let’s face it, built in storage is going to be seen during viewings, so it pays to present it at its best.

Style the house for your most likely purchaser. You’ll be amazed by the impact – particularly if you have empty rooms. 

If you have a family house be sure at least one room looks like a child’s bedroom. 

For young professionals, show off your swanky coffee machine and always create the impression you love living there.

For inspiration, visit new-build show homes nearby. Developers employ interior designers to make property irresistible to its target market.

Ready for viewings

Appeal to buyers subconsciously. When you boost visual attractiveness you create an aspirational feel. I’m a big fan of fresh flowers and Alstromeria last well, although they are a member of the lily family, so not a good choice if you have cats. 

Other options are orchids and anything in season. If fresh flowers aren’t an option, consider investing in silk orchids. You can find a range of sizes and colours.

For touch and smell, make sure everywhere is tidy and smells fresh. Check around door handles and banisters for sticky patches. 

Keep loo seats down and laundry out of sight. No one wants to see your dirty clothes or imagine their own on display. 

Refresh stuffy teenage rooms by throwing open the windows. Essence of adolescence, incense, pets or sportswear is pungent and off-putting.

Who feels most comfortable showing off the house? If one of you has a natural flair, maximize it, or you can leave it to your local Purplebricks property expert.

A property appears larger if the viewing is conducted by one person, so dispatch partners, kids and animals elsewhere. 

Respect your buyers and gain an advantage when they look around. No one wants to see occupants slumped on the sofa with a take-out (it happens!)

If you want to minimise the sound of your neighbours or the road, choose some chillout instrumental music to play while viewings are in progress.

Ten minutes before they arrive

Turn off TV and radio. Droning sounds are distracting.

Boost positive in the house in whatever way feels good for you. Stay with me here! 

Just as an argument turns the energy of a house fraught and strained, good vibes make a house feel bright and friendly. It goes without saying that a happy, positive home will generate more enthusiastic buyers. 

One method I use is to put Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’ on repeat until the doorbell rings, but any track which puts you in high spirits will do the job.

Finally, relax! Treat all potential buyers as your guests. 

Open the door with a smile and mean it! 

By being pleased to meet them you immediately surround them with a warm feeling. 

When buyers believe you are happy in your home, they get the impression they will be content there too.

Happy selling!