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Affordable housing and Feng Shui

May 05, 2021

I found this article by Colorado based FengShui consultant Logynn B. Northrhip @Fengshuidesignconcepts absolutely fascinating.

As an Interiors Therapist, I’m used to working with the homes people already live in – and using Feng Shui as part of the Interiors Therapy process to transform the experience and expectations of the families.

Enhancing wealth and prosperity, as well as laying the foundations for healthy relationships is the basis for both Feng Shui and the Interiors Therapy process.

We’ve all heard of celebrity homes designed and built according to Feng Shui principles, but a Feng Shui home doesn’t need to be a vast palace in the Hollywood Hills, it’s just as possible with a two-bed semi!

So what about homes for regular people, especially those on a low income or reliant on affordable housing? Those same Key workers who have kept the country going?

Doesn’t it make sense for them to be built with the principles of Feng Shui to give the occupants the best opportunity to enhance their lives and extract themselves from the poverty trap?

Although many architects now use Feng Shui knowledge for bespoke homes, affordable housing is seldom designed in the most auspicious way to boost Feng Shui, prosperity and aspirations. A little design inspiration could go a long way if homebuilders took the initiative.

Logynn B Northrhip explains this brilliantly in her article for Boulder Weekly and I believe it merits a much wider audience.