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Adelaide Cottage is a great option for Kate and William

May 02, 2022

The Feng Shui of the royal couple's potential new home will support their family

As an Interiors Therapy expert and Feng Shui consultant, I’ve been paying close attention to the media reports of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s anticipated move from their Norfolk Home at Anmer Hall to be closer to The Queen at Windsor.

William and Kate clearly value their privacy and want their children, George, Charlotte and Louis to have a wonderful, safe and happy childhood. For this they are looking for a home which nurtures and supports the royal couple and their children whilst providing the security and normality of family life.

In Feng Shui we recognise there are four house types;

Good for people and money

Bad for people and money

Good for people but bad for money

Bad for people but good for money

To identify the house type we look at the year a property was built, the compass direction it faces, any renovations carried out and the history of the people who have lived there. With this information we can identify which category the house sits in and how to balance any negative or unhelpful energy.

Adelaide Cottage, nestled in Windsor Great Park and just ten minutes from Windsor Castle, is receiving a lot of attention as the most likely of the available Royal Grace and Favour homes for the Cambridges.

Built in 1831, the exterior of the property appears largely unchanged since that time. This and the available history suggest it falls into the category of ‘Good for People but Bad for Money’.

The most recent tenant, Simon Rhodes, son of the Queen’s dear friend and cousin Margaret Rhodes, was deprived of a legacy due to a codicil in his late mother’s will. He registered a company at the Adelaide Cottage address as recently as February 2022 although he is thought to have moved out of the property.

Losing a legacy would be a prime example of a ‘bad for money’ property. Buildings which fall into this category also have potential to be a ‘money pit’ and there’s a higher than average risk of damage or loss of expensive items.

As his place in the Royal Family means money won’t ever be an issue for William and Kate, and in any case, any negative energy in the property can be remedied with good Feng Shui, Adelaide Cottage promises to be a happy family home for the Duke and Duchess where their marriage and children can thrive.

There’s just one piece of history which made me question this finding. Adelaide Cottage was the home of Group Captain Peter Townsend along with his wife and sons from 1944 – 1952 when the couple divorced. 

Divorce, infidelity, poor health, family challenges and feeling trapped or overwhelmed are unusual in a ‘Good for People’ home, so I wanted to delve a little deeper and found the answer.  

In 1951, when the friendship between Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret is said to have developed into intimacy and his marriage ended, Adelaide Cottage was in what’s known in Feng Shui as a ‘one year people lock’. Although Peter Townsend was seldom there due to his responsibility to the King, this would have put immense pressure on his wife and marriage. 

A people lock can trigger one crisis after another in an un-remedied home, and would explain how the energy in the property changed in February 1951 resulting in the end of Peter Townsend’s marriage and, according to his biography, taking his affair with Princess Margaret to the next level which ultimately caused a constitutional crisis for the monarchy.

Fortunately there’s no reason this situation need ever be repeated. With good Feng Shui and by implementing remedies to balance any negative energy, despite the history of divorce, Adelaide Cottage has potential to be a wonderful family home filled with love, laughter and an abundance of happiness.

This article was printed in the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror.