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Nine signs your Home is Stressing you out

Aug 27, 2022

Your home is the mirror of what’s going on in your life, and if you’re struggling or demotivated, it’s going to show.

But here’s the thing… it’s in your power to make it BETTER – or alternatively by ignoring the signs, you can choose to MAKE IT A WHOLE LOT WORSE!

Just for the record, demotivation comes with the added unwelcome gifts of OVERWHELM, POOR HEALTH and RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGES (and worse if you want to dig deeper!)

So here are my NINE SIGNS OF STRESS and DEMOTIVATION in a home;

Feeling low every time you walk through the door

When every step towards the front door brings you down and you dread turning the key and walking inside, your home is not supporting you. This is the first sign to look out for at home if life feels as though it’s getting on top of you. 


A cluttered home creates chaos in the mind and soul. It’s almost impossible to focus on the things which really matter when you’re surrounded by piles of disorganized possessions, bags, boxes, clothes, tech and sports gear which are just getting in the way. 

If you’ve tried and failed to get on top of your clutter, get help!  A professional Interiors Therapist can help you deal with it and teach you how to prevent clutter build up happening again.


Every home has some dust – open a window and it flies right in. Dust becomes a problem when it starts to layer up on surfaces, furniture and carpets. That’s when it interferes with breathing which is kind of essential to your wellbeing! 

In addition dust compromises quality sleep and starts a vicious cycle of irritability, insomnia, brain fog and of course poor sleep means you’re not as effective at work, your health suffers and everything is just such an effort when you’re tired and oxygen is limited by dust particles in the air you breathe. 

Unloved Bedroom

It’s difficult to feel motivated if you wake each morning in a bedroom which is ugly, untidy or connects you to unhappy times in your past. 

Do something about it – what makes it so unwelcoming? Is this where you would choose to entertain the love of your life? Refresh the bedroom so using it becomes a pleasure.

Too many products in the bathroom

This is a prime example of demotivation in a home. Too many products balanced precariously on the side of the bath are evidence you aren’t making wise decisions. They cause confusion, mess and make it impossible to keep the room hygienically clean which is embarrassing for you and your visitors.

Crowded countertop

The kitchen is described as the heart of the home, it’s where you (in theory) cook healthy means to nurture and feed the people who matter to you (ie YOURSELF!)

So if the countertops have so much stuff on them it’s impossible to enjoy cooking. Utensils, condiments, plates, equipment and paperwork are subtly coated with a layer of oil and dust it’s just yucky to spend time there… which means it’s easier to order in unhealthy take-out and let your mood spiral on downwards.

Untidy front door and hall

An entrance filled with boxes, bags, coats, discarded mail, recycling, shoes and whatever else you happen to dump there is not going to feel great to come home to. 

Right there, the moment you come home is cast iron evidence of a pile of things you need to do and can’t be bothered to sort out. Even before you kick off your shoes (and leave them somewhere you’ll trip over later) you’re making enjoying life more difficult for yourself.

Picking fights at home, at work and with total strangers just because

Being demotivated is prime territory for blaming everything else for your own feelings of discontent. This often manifests in moaning, complaining, criticizing and getting into arguments for no good reason.

Instead of investing energy in winding yourself up, regain control of your frustration by treating your home to some love and affection. You’ll feel happier, and when your mood improves you are less likely to want to kick off at anyone else.

If any of the above signs are uncomfortably familiar, park the annoyance at being called out and do something about it.

Obviously I’m going to suggest you talk to me because I’m very good at this stuff!

By working with someone who understands where you’re at and wants to see you rise to where you’d really like to be, you can cut weeks, months, even years off your miseries and start enjoying life on your terms.

So when you’re ready to accept that life really can be a whole lot better for you, this is the link to book a FREE mini consultation with me. Those 30 minutes have potential to be the most value you ever receive as a gift from a stranger.

See you soon!