Future Proofing the Sitting Room

Consider everything kept in a living room to ensure they are positive and rewarding spaces to spend time in.

Dec 12, 2023

Divorcing A Home – should YOU stay or go?

I could have chosen a place which worked for the lifestyle I wanted and had leverage to get the settlement I deserved.

Jan 01, 2023

Maximalism - handle with care!

Neutral tones of the first part of the 2000s are giving way to opulent rooms bursting with objets d’art, furniture and pattern. Is that a good thing?

Apr 18, 2022

Why the Mucky Mansion will break Katie Price

Feng Shui and International Interiors Therapy Expert Suzanne Roynon believes the former glamour model’s home contributed to her downward financial and emotional spiral from the day she moved in.

Mar 09, 2022

Househunting success with Interiors Therapy

They are upgrading their lives… and from previous experience they now understand the importance of getting their Interiors Therapy right for their new home.

Sep 25, 2021

Divorce their stuff too

What is it that Divorce Lawyers, coaches and relationship specialists have discovered which is making such a difference for their clients?

Nov 05, 2020

Inheriting a family home

I believe there’s a clear line between what counts as genuine family history or a ‘family heirloom’, and what is in fact, a chipped teacup which happened to belong to an aunt.

Nov 18, 2020

Just your average mid-life couple

They weren’t hoarders – far from it. This was a regular couple who had children and grandchildren. A lifetime of gifts, photos, heirlooms, memories and obligations.

Oct 07, 2020

Planning for the Future - UK Government

If working at home is the new normal, let’s incorporate external space and have a better quality of life than rats trapped in a shoe box.

Sep 01, 2020

It's the perfect time to sell...

When John marketed his property last time round, the house languished on the listings for around 6 months before he called me in.

Sep 04, 2021

What estate agents don't tell you ... (and I do!)

One agent said “When I value a house, I’m not going to tell them, “Tidy up, clear all this junk, your home looks horrible” because I’m there to attract their business.."

Sep 03, 2021

I want to clear the lot

When a client decides to get rid of everything and move forward, unencumbered, into the future they want for themselves...

Aug 02, 2019

Tips and tricks for downsizers

For many people, starting afresh with fewer possessions in a space designed to comfort and nurture is both liberating and life enhancing.

Jul 18, 2019

Boost good vibes for property viewings

You’d be amazed how many houses are written off by potential purchasers because they “just don’t feel right”.

May 31, 2019

Old tools - new lives

It’s hard to see those well-worn tools thrown away, but in terms of decluttering, they have no use to their current owner.

May 15, 2019

Vinyl - it all stax up

When I work with a client who cherishes their vinyl, it’s abundantly clear. The deck, amp and speakers are accessible and obviously used on a regular basis.

Sep 02, 2021

Teenage Kicks

His parents said he wouldn’t be interested, he was in an ‘angry uncommunicative’ phase and his room had been ‘out of bounds’ to them for over a year.

Jan 10, 2019

The Moving On box

You know those Christmas gifts you really don’t want? Shhhh, don’t let on, but there is no obligation to keep them!

Dec 25, 2018

What we leave behind

This is a hard look at the impact of surrounding ourselves with stuff, not just on us, but on the people who share our lives while we are alive and those we leave behind.

Nov 10, 2018

Affordable housing and Feng Shui

Doesn’t it make sense for homes to be built with the principles of Feng Shui to give the occupants the best opportunity to enhance their lives and extract themselves from the poverty trap?

May 05, 2021

The Retreat at Oakmead

Tony and Adele recognised Oakmead needed an energetic boost to connect with their family and support their plans to create a beautiful home and transformative venue for their guests.

Sep 01, 2021